Diamar Payano is a self taught Illustrator & Designer currently based in New Jersey. She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and for over six years, created a career as a Visual Merchandiser and Artist. As a Visual Merchandiser, Diamar worked with innovative and creative brands like Anthropologie, J. Crew and Bloomingdale's. 

"I graduated with a degree in Marketing; but since I can remember, I've always loved art. Like many creatives, Disney played a big role for me in wanting to become an artist. Researching artists and practicing all of their techniques, I taught myself how to draw and "perfect" my own style."

Soon after, realizing her childhood memories of wanting to become an Artist was not only a dream but a part of her identity, she began her journey as a Freelance Illustrator and Designer. In 2018, Diamar was featured in New Jersey’s Bergen County’s favorite, BC Magazine as 2018 Artist of the Spring/Summer. To read the full article, click here

Now, as an Entrepreneur and Professional Artist, Diamar Payano has had the opportunity of working alongside Fortune 500 companies and Luxury brands such as Sak’s Fifth Ave, LVMH, Bloomingdales’s and more! Through these opportunities she has had the privilege of meeting influencers, mentors, fellow creatives, supporters and so many other wonderful connections that have helped shape her path today as a Dreamer, Illustrator, Designer and Entrepreneur.

"If you can Dream it, you Can do it."

- Walt Disney


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