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L I C E N S I N G   &  C O P Y R I G H T S

Licensing & Copyright opportunities are available upon request and review for those requesting to use copyrighted images to promote and/or use for their business/brand/company. Please contact for further information. 


F O R M S   O F   P A Y M E N T

Accepted Forms of payment: PayPal only. By making payment(s) you agree to the terms and policies on this document. 


R E T U R N   P O L I C Y

No refunds, returns or exchanges. Any deposits made are non-refundable. All sales are final. 

D E S I G N   P R O C E S S 

Please allow approximately 1-3 business days between each step. Artist will not move forward with any project and/or steps without clear approval. To guarantee delivery of product within allowed time, client has (24) hours to approve and/or submit feedback of all drafts, proofs and any other files. Failure to approve within (24) hours may affect delivery date. Custom projects are created in four to five design steps:


STEP 1: Rough Draft Sample (up to 2 revisions per order may be requested)

STEP 2: Color Scheme Selection 

STEP 3: Edited B/W Proof (request changes/edits after this point will result in additional fees)

STEP 4: Font Selection(s) 

STEP 5: Final Completed (delivered via email)

T I M E   F R A M E

Time frame to complete custom design projects varies depending on project details. Please contact for further information.


Shipping not included for items/products needing postal delivery. Please allow approximately 1-6 business days for orders to process plus standard shipping time.

Thank You!

- Diamar Payano


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